Well…. I’ve got the plumbing mostly done, wiring started, carb and air box complete, and the exhaust is installed for the first time.  Yesterday Bev and I installed the propeller.   It’s coming along!!

Exhaust 1 Exhaust 3Prop On 1Prop On 2


Wrapping it up!

So I’m planning to wrap my plane with vinyl wrap…. I’ll need some practice.  So…. I practiced on my plenum.  I think it works!  It looks great.  Here are a few pics…. including a detail of one of the seams.20160129_195755_resized 20160129_195827_resized 20160129_200117_resized

Now I’m really baffled!

Finally!  That was much more work than anticipated.  But it’s looking great!  I bought a RVBits plenum…which required some minor fiberglass surgery to fit, but it slips in real nice now.  I’m hoping it will make the cowl less prone to flexing, and I’ve heard it actually makes the plane a little quieter…who’d a thunk it?plenumplenum 3 plenum 5

It’s baffling

So it’s time to install the cooling baffles.  I think this will take some time to do a real nice job.  I’ve got a plenum coming from RV-Bits… so that will make the whole thing easier (I think).  Here are a couple of shots of me just trying to figure out how I’m gonna get this done.  I know this isn’t real exciting stuff, but I’ll keep y’all posted with my progress.  Stay tuned.


Well….. finally got the spinner done.  Looks great.  And the cowl is completed with all the rivets.  I also installed an ETX680 Lithium ion battery….3.9 lbs vs 14.7 lbs for the PC680.  Had to build a battery tray as the ETX was just that little bit thicker.  Now on to the baffles which seem to be an awful lot of work.  I’ll keep you posted.

Progress….I think

Engine is mounted…. now I’ve got to fit the cowl.  I really don’t like fiberglass work, although it’s real forgiving.  Here’s today’s progress….. engine mounted, initial fit of the top cowl, and then fit/cleco to the rear hinge connectors.  Looks good.  Now on to the bottom cowl fitment…… I’m not looking forward to that.

20151209_185930_resized20151212_125326_resized 20151213_113650_resized

That’s a wrap!

Alright…. so vinyl wraps are no longer a big deal…I get that.  How about if we use vinyl for accents inside the cabin?  Here I’ve got the main bulkhead cap covered in navy blue 3D vinyl.  Looks great!


And here I’ve covered the fuel selector box with the same vinyl.  I think I’m on to something here.