In the beginning…

OK…. It’s Dec 26, 2013; for the last few months I’ve afforded myself the “luxury” of unabated gluttony.  This morning I scaled in at 220 lbs…about 45 lbs more than I should be.  My fasting blood sugars were at 6.5.  I haven’t run since July.  To put it bluntly, I feel unhealthy, fat and lethargic.  As Bev (my wife) says….”it’s time you got back on the wagon before you develop full on Type 2 diabetes”.  You see, Bev is a Pharmacist, but more to the point, she’s a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) with a distinct disgust for people who ignore the obvious signs and do nothing to control their chances of acquiring a disease that is often avoidable with some simple, but life changing choices.  

I’ve always struggled with keeping my weight down where it should be.  I believe I should scale in at 175 lbs or so.  A good friend of mine is a turkey farmer, and he suggests it would be marvelous if his birds had the feed conversion potential I have.  As such, I need to eat carefully, and exercise regularly to maintain both my weight and my health.  The benefits are endless…better sleep, more energy, better stress management, I can be active….and on and on it goes.  Hey wait a minute, that was Mr. Obvious talking there.  Bev would issue scorn as the statement is just something we should all know by now.

So…. my journey starts.  Here are my basic statistics as of this morning:

adult male, age – 53
weight – 220 lbs
fasting blood sugars – 6.5
today I ran 1 mile

I’ve booked my first 10k race for 2014.  I’m registered for the Vancouver Sun Run, April 27, 2014.  My target time is <42 minutes (my best time last year was 42:37).  We’ve booked our flights and hotel.  Now the work begins.

Then I booked my 2nd 10k race for 2014.  I’m registered for the Ottawa 10k on May 24, 2014.  FYI…. it’s 96% full as of today.

OK….enough for now.  Updates will follow.



One thought on “In the beginning…

  1. U r awesome! This is certainly a very public forum and possibly will help keep u accountable. I look forward to continuing this journey with u.

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