Another day…Another correction

OK….so it’s January 3, 2014.  I’m trying to correct my eating habits which will hopefully help with my weight and blood sugar maintenance.  I’ve started running again with some new goals (<42:00 10k) which will put more stress on my 53 year old body if I continue to run as I always have.

After my last injury (knee and lower back pain), I decided to change my running style.  Until now, I have always run with my front leg extended and landing with a heel strike.  My body talks to me after about 6 months of running with pain in both my lower back and right knee.  I don’t know why I didn’t check YouTube before, but it’s chalk full of coaching for running…and ALL the coaches agree with these 4 important points:
4 steps running

1) Your foot should land directly under your hips
2) You should land on your mid-foot, not your heel
3) Your cadence should be about 180 steps per minute
4) Lean slightly forward AT THE ANKLES (not at the waist)

Well…. I started running this way.  My first day Dec 26, 2013)  I ran only 1 mile and my calves were screaming in pain.  I rested a day, then ran 1.5 miles which was still harder than what I was used to, but easier than the first day.  I’m only 8 days in by now, yesterday’s run was 2 miles and I was comfortable always landing on my forefoot.  I can already feel this will be both a more comfortable way to run AND much faster than my old heel strike method.  I know, I’m only at the beginning of the trek, but I’m already feeling my goal of <42:00 10k is well within reach.  And my long-term goal of running without injury is looking better also.

AND…this running thing is a superb motivator to keep my weight down where it should be.

Today’s stats:
Weight – 207.4 lbs (same as yesterday)
Waking Blood Sugar – 5.7 (same as yesterday)
Resting Heart Rate – 42bpm (new parameter I’ll try to measure throughout the year)



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