No heel strikes allowed

First….a weather update;  it’s a balmy -2C today.  How many geographies “enjoy” temperature swings of 36 degrees in one week!  Today, the streets are a mess with melting ice and snow…. A week ago, it was -38.5C and the streets were perfectly clean, but i didn’t want to run outside due to the cold.  Today I’ll run on the treadmill because it’s too messy out doors.

3 weeks ago, I had never run landing on my fore foot.  In order to reduce injury and improve my running technique, I decided to try landing on my fore foot….just like all the running coaches are suggesting.  For the first while, I didn’t know if I would ever get used to this new style (new for me….natural for “real” runners).  Today, while I still need to perfect my technique, I  find the technique natural and comfortable.  I can also see how  proper technique will greatly reduce my chance of injury due to running.  Stay tuned.  Now, I’m working on improving my running speed,  I’m thinking that will come naturally as I push the limits during training AND drop some weight down to my normal running weight @ < 180 lbs (I’m projecting April).

Today I scaled in at 200.6 Lbs.  I’m feeling great, sleeping well….but I really miss the pasta and bread.    This morning my blood sugar was up at 5.9.  I’m guessing it was as a result of some quick(bad) snacks late last night.   My waking blood sugar had been very good (4.9-5.4)each morning this week except today.  I’m  hoping it’s an anomaly.



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