Sugar….it’s really simple

We all know the long term effects of processed foods!  Why do we think we need them?  Why is EVERY grocery store’s inventory made up of highly processed foods?  What is it that gives us our addiction to white sugar, enriched flour, high sugar fruit juices and drinks?

We all know…. and yet, when it’s time to “treat” ourselves, most hosts will serve a “sweet”, restaurants always have VERY high sugar content desserts, when we celebrate a birthday, it’s always a super high sugar cake.  Try to get a real whole wheat bread…most of them are laced with the white flour that is our bane!!!  Look at the flour section in your grocery store….. lots of space for the white crap…. and that’s because we, the consumers, have told the store that’s what we like.  And why….because we have been trained to “know” that processed means “tastes good”.

So… I did an experiment this week, and my body suffered.  I submit white sugar and white flour are as bad for our body as alcohol or smoking… just a little more insidious.  This week, I decided to try some “white” for dinner.  On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I included 2 slices of supposedly whole wheat bread with my meal.  After the meal, I even enjoyed a small piece of cake or a cookie.  Well…. my waking blood sugars started to rise, and this morning, I was back up to 6.6.  Suffice to say, my body is particularly sensitive to sugar, and I’ll have to watch this all my remaining life, but I have already proven I can control it with diet and exercise….. and I’ll prove it again over the next few days/weeks.

Again… why did I feel the need to try this?  Well, I wanted to prove a point using my body as the laboratory.  I don’t mind doing that, even if it’s just me I’m encouraging to eat right and exercise.

That’s my soapbox for today.  More to come (that’s what a blog is, right?).

Today’s stats:
Waking blood sugars: 6.6
Weight: 202.6


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