Sleep, Sweat and Sugar.

StickFigurePortraitBev Stick Lady

A few days back, Bev made the comment…”You really need to control and track the 3 S’s…Sleep, Sweat (exercise) and Sugar (food).  If you monitor and control those 3 factors, you will control your blood sugars.”

So I started making notes alongside my weight and blood sugar stats each day.  She was/is right!

1st… Sleep.  I have noticed a direct correlation between a good sleep and nice low waking blood sugars.  After a great night’s sleep, no matter how my exercise or eating went the day before, my blood sugars are MUCH lower….. and conversely, even if I eat well and exercise properly, my waking blood sugar has never been below 5.6 after a bad, restless sleep.  Even better…. if I’m dead tired due to physical excursion (vs mental exhaustion), my sleep is better, and my sugars are top-notch.  Lesson learned…find out what helps generate a good sleep, and reproduce that activity daily to help keep your sugars consistent.  For me, the simplest 2 things I can do to help me sleep well…1) exercise, and exercise at least 30 minutes, often 45-60 minutes (running).  2) I try not to keep anything bottled up without resolving issues with any of my family, friends, partners etc.  While I may be a tad blunt for someone who likes to beat around the bush, I fall asleep without needing to concern myself with how I may deal with the issue the next day.

2nd…Sweat.  When Bev first told me about the need to sweat (exercise), I agreed I needed/wanted to get in shape… but I could not understand how excursion would help me control my blood sugars.  Well it didn’t take long and the results were direct and undeniable;  if I did not exercise at least 25-30 minutes the day before, my waking blood sugars would be at least 0.5-1.0 higher compared to the days where I had done what I knew I needed to do.  Bev helped me to understand, mild exercise daily is much better than hard exercise one day, and a rest the next.  Lesson learned…watching a hockey game while on the treadmill is not the worst way to help with blood sugars….. giddyup!  Also, after a good workout, usually a run, my appetite is easier to control, and most importantly, I’m physically tired, which helps me get a better sleep!!!

3rdly…Sugar (food).  There is absolutely no doubt, my food intake has a direct effect on my blood sugars.  The problem is, most people trying to control their blood sugar ONLY try to control their food.  If you are reading this because you are interested in my journey of discovery around blood sugars…. ask yourself…” Have I really tried?  Or do I only try to control my food intake?” Lesson learned… there’s more to blood sugar control than just food….make sure you tend to all 3 “S’s”!

My running is coming along quite well.  Forefoot landings are becoming more and more natural.  I still have not struck a heel since December 26, 2013.  My calves do complain sometimes, especially when I run outside on the ice/snow.  However, the runs with a slippery underfoot are a definite training tool because I’ve got to land with my forefoot directly under my hips (proper form) or else I’ll slip and fall.  12 weeks until the Vancouver Sun Run (10k)!  Reservations/flights already booked and paid.

Stats for today:
Weight: 194 lbs
Waking blood sugar this morning: 5.6
Resting heart rate…. I haven’t kept up on this.  I’ll try again for next post.



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