The date finally came…On Sunday, April 27, I ran the Vancouver Sun Run 10k with 45,000 of my closest friends!

The weather was simply perfect, cloudy, temperature was about 12C, no wind.  Perfect for running.  The run started at 9am, and since my normal time is quicker than 45 minutes, I get to start very near the front which helps a lot to eliminate the crowding that happens when you start mid-pack.  The race went VERY quickly, and in no time, it was over.  My official time was 0:43:02, so I placed 801st…. or 697 of 19,360 males, or 29 of 1466 males aged 50-54 (my category)…. overall, I was very happy with the results.

And running/racing while landing on my forefoot (vs heel strike)…WOW!!!  Nothing hurts after the run…. I felt great after crossing the finish line.  Now I’m looking forward to getting faster with this new style.  I think 42 minutes is now within reach.  I get another chance to test this new style (well…. new to me) on Mother’s Day at the Run for Mom right here in Steinbach.

Stay tuned!

Today I weighed 180.4 lbs
Fasting blood sugar was at 5.6


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