Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wrapping it up!

So I’m planning to wrap my plane with vinyl wrap…. I’ll need some practice.  So…. I practiced on my plenum.  I think it works!  It looks great.  Here are a few pics…. including a detail of one of the seams.20160129_195755_resized 20160129_195827_resized 20160129_200117_resized


Now I’m really baffled!

Finally!  That was much more work than anticipated.  But it’s looking great!  I bought a RVBits plenum…which required some minor fiberglass surgery to fit, but it slips in real nice now.  I’m hoping it will make the cowl less prone to flexing, and I’ve heard it actually makes the plane a little quieter…who’d a thunk it?plenumplenum 3 plenum 5