Almost ready!

Now that looks sweet!  Almost ready for the test stand.  Hopefully it will be ready to install today!

Lookin' Good!
Lookin’ Good!

The details…

It’s detail time…..the last 95%.  Trying hard to keep the wiring simple….but at the same time, easy to work with many years from now.  Check out the main terminal bar on the firewall.  All wires labeled, neat and tidy!


Then there’s the sensor wiring…. again, neat and tidy, trying to make it easy to work with many years later.


The engine mount looks rather bare!!!  I’m trying to be patient, and it will be a momentous occasion when I can finally install it (more later)


The seats/carpets came.  They look great.  Thank-you Classic Aero Designs.  Superb workmanship!


Back at it…

It’s been a while…… did a few runs, dealt with a few injuries, and still dealing with a plantar fasciitis issue that just won’t go away! Any ideas?…..anyone? anyone?

I’m gonna switch things over a bit. Let’s talk airplanes! I’m 95% done my Van’s RV-7A build…..only 95% left! I get my engine today (I think/hope). I’ll drop a few pictures then.

Stay tuned.



The date finally came…On Sunday, April 27, I ran the Vancouver Sun Run 10k with 45,000 of my closest friends!

The weather was simply perfect, cloudy, temperature was about 12C, no wind.  Perfect for running.  The run started at 9am, and since my normal time is quicker than 45 minutes, I get to start very near the front which helps a lot to eliminate the crowding that happens when you start mid-pack.  The race went VERY quickly, and in no time, it was over.  My official time was 0:43:02, so I placed 801st…. or 697 of 19,360 males, or 29 of 1466 males aged 50-54 (my category)…. overall, I was very happy with the results.

And running/racing while landing on my forefoot (vs heel strike)…WOW!!!  Nothing hurts after the run…. I felt great after crossing the finish line.  Now I’m looking forward to getting faster with this new style.  I think 42 minutes is now within reach.  I get another chance to test this new style (well…. new to me) on Mother’s Day at the Run for Mom right here in Steinbach.

Stay tuned!

Today I weighed 180.4 lbs
Fasting blood sugar was at 5.6

Only 2 months until the days start getting shorter again!

Well…. it’s been a month and a half since my last post!

On Sunday, I’m joining 50,000 of my best friends to run the Vancouver Sun Run 10k.  It’s been a tradition for a few years now.  BUT>>>I’ve always been able to train outside on the streets of Steinbach and Winnipeg for the Sun Run.  This year, I’ve only started running outside for the last 2 weeks because the weather has been down right nasty!  I’m hoping today I can actually run in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time this year!

Anyway…training is going well, weight is under control, blood sugars are steady and where I like them.  Last week my run plan had me at 27 miles, which is about where I’d like to stay.  My training pace is now about 7 minutes per mile, with a goal race pace of 6:40 per mile, which would put my 10k @ 42 minutes.  My personal best to date is 42:37.  It will be a major milestone for me if I can beat 42 minutes!!!

Stats as of this morning:

Weight = 177.4
Waking Blood Sugars = 5.9

Until next time!

I’m in a rut….but that’s a good thing, right?


Some call it a rut, others call it a habit and some would call it a rhythm.   It’s all about your attitude.  A “rut” carries a very negative connotation, while a rhythm usually carries a very positive aura…… but they are exactly the same thing.

I’ll say I’m in a rut and I like it.  My running schedule is working out very well with various distances run throughout the week with 1 day of rest (Friday).  On Sunday, I always have my LSD (Long Slow Distance) run, and it’s become quite enjoyable.  I still have not had a heel strike since I started forefoot running on December 26, 2013.  My joints, muscles all thank me for switching to proper running technique.

I’ve also developed a bit of a rut around my eating habits.  The general rules, as per Tim Ferris, are as follows:

  1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates (or anything that can be white)
    …this one is huge!  All I have to do is stay away from white sugar and white flour.  It’s tough if you don’t pay due diligence, but once you start understanding the evils of the simple carbohydrates, it becomes easier as you realize how important this rule is to the potential diabetic.
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again
    …for a guy, this is easy.  Bev just can’t understand how I would be satisfied to have the same meal twice in a row.  I don’t mind at all….. it makes meal planning that much easier, ergo, it makes staying on the program easier.  I like easy.
  3. Don’t drink calories
    …water is good.  Juice is terrible.  Juice is just a poorly disguised white sugar… a simple carbohydrate with the same evils as white sugar or white flour.  I really enjoy coffee, and I enjoy cream in my coffee, so that is the one indulgence I continue to enjoy.
  4. Don’t eat fruit
    …sounds terrible, right?  But fruit is just another way of administering the simple sugars we need to stay away from.  While we need about 250+ grams of carbohydrates per day, we should not have more than 25 grams of simple (white) carbohydrates a day…a banana has 23 grams, an orange has 12 grams, an apple has 14 grams.  If we “waste” our simple calorie intake on 2 or 3 pieces of fruit, we’re over our recommended limit without anything else.
  5. Take one day off per week and go nuts!
    …I love this rule…. and it’s got a wonderful effect.  If I develop a craving, I can always wait until my “go nuts” day, which is usually Friday.  Bev and I will go our for an off the charts meal on Friday evening, and we simply don’t worry about the rules.

So… that’s my eating “rut”…. I like it.  I feel great, and since I’ve got my weight down my fasting blood sugars are always below 5.6.  My body is starting to thank me.

I haven’t presented the stats recently… here goes:
Weight today – 183.4 lbs
Fasting Blood sugar this morning: 4.6

My running plan has me at 21 miles this week (20 last week), and my general plan has me increasing my distance by about 10% per week.  My first “race” is the Vancouver Sun Run on April 27, which has been billed as the most popular 10k race with approximately 50,000 participants.  My goal is a 42 minute 10k.  The weather has been so nasty I haven’t had much of a chance to test my times as most of my runs have been on the treadmill, and when they are outdoors, the underfoot is so icy I concentrate on form vs speed.  I’m looking forward to some nicer weather, hopefully I can resume training outside before the end of March.  The picture at the top of this post is what our driveway (the start of my outdoor run) looked like yesterday…. we received a lot more snow over night, so it looks worse today!!!

Sleep, Sweat and Sugar.

StickFigurePortraitBev Stick Lady

A few days back, Bev made the comment…”You really need to control and track the 3 S’s…Sleep, Sweat (exercise) and Sugar (food).  If you monitor and control those 3 factors, you will control your blood sugars.”

So I started making notes alongside my weight and blood sugar stats each day.  She was/is right!

1st… Sleep.  I have noticed a direct correlation between a good sleep and nice low waking blood sugars.  After a great night’s sleep, no matter how my exercise or eating went the day before, my blood sugars are MUCH lower….. and conversely, even if I eat well and exercise properly, my waking blood sugar has never been below 5.6 after a bad, restless sleep.  Even better…. if I’m dead tired due to physical excursion (vs mental exhaustion), my sleep is better, and my sugars are top-notch.  Lesson learned…find out what helps generate a good sleep, and reproduce that activity daily to help keep your sugars consistent.  For me, the simplest 2 things I can do to help me sleep well…1) exercise, and exercise at least 30 minutes, often 45-60 minutes (running).  2) I try not to keep anything bottled up without resolving issues with any of my family, friends, partners etc.  While I may be a tad blunt for someone who likes to beat around the bush, I fall asleep without needing to concern myself with how I may deal with the issue the next day.

2nd…Sweat.  When Bev first told me about the need to sweat (exercise), I agreed I needed/wanted to get in shape… but I could not understand how excursion would help me control my blood sugars.  Well it didn’t take long and the results were direct and undeniable;  if I did not exercise at least 25-30 minutes the day before, my waking blood sugars would be at least 0.5-1.0 higher compared to the days where I had done what I knew I needed to do.  Bev helped me to understand, mild exercise daily is much better than hard exercise one day, and a rest the next.  Lesson learned…watching a hockey game while on the treadmill is not the worst way to help with blood sugars….. giddyup!  Also, after a good workout, usually a run, my appetite is easier to control, and most importantly, I’m physically tired, which helps me get a better sleep!!!

3rdly…Sugar (food).  There is absolutely no doubt, my food intake has a direct effect on my blood sugars.  The problem is, most people trying to control their blood sugar ONLY try to control their food.  If you are reading this because you are interested in my journey of discovery around blood sugars…. ask yourself…” Have I really tried?  Or do I only try to control my food intake?” Lesson learned… there’s more to blood sugar control than just food….make sure you tend to all 3 “S’s”!

My running is coming along quite well.  Forefoot landings are becoming more and more natural.  I still have not struck a heel since December 26, 2013.  My calves do complain sometimes, especially when I run outside on the ice/snow.  However, the runs with a slippery underfoot are a definite training tool because I’ve got to land with my forefoot directly under my hips (proper form) or else I’ll slip and fall.  12 weeks until the Vancouver Sun Run (10k)!  Reservations/flights already booked and paid.

Stats for today:
Weight: 194 lbs
Waking blood sugar this morning: 5.6
Resting heart rate…. I haven’t kept up on this.  I’ll try again for next post.


Sugar….it’s really simple

We all know the long term effects of processed foods!  Why do we think we need them?  Why is EVERY grocery store’s inventory made up of highly processed foods?  What is it that gives us our addiction to white sugar, enriched flour, high sugar fruit juices and drinks?

We all know…. and yet, when it’s time to “treat” ourselves, most hosts will serve a “sweet”, restaurants always have VERY high sugar content desserts, when we celebrate a birthday, it’s always a super high sugar cake.  Try to get a real whole wheat bread…most of them are laced with the white flour that is our bane!!!  Look at the flour section in your grocery store….. lots of space for the white crap…. and that’s because we, the consumers, have told the store that’s what we like.  And why….because we have been trained to “know” that processed means “tastes good”.

So… I did an experiment this week, and my body suffered.  I submit white sugar and white flour are as bad for our body as alcohol or smoking… just a little more insidious.  This week, I decided to try some “white” for dinner.  On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I included 2 slices of supposedly whole wheat bread with my meal.  After the meal, I even enjoyed a small piece of cake or a cookie.  Well…. my waking blood sugars started to rise, and this morning, I was back up to 6.6.  Suffice to say, my body is particularly sensitive to sugar, and I’ll have to watch this all my remaining life, but I have already proven I can control it with diet and exercise….. and I’ll prove it again over the next few days/weeks.

Again… why did I feel the need to try this?  Well, I wanted to prove a point using my body as the laboratory.  I don’t mind doing that, even if it’s just me I’m encouraging to eat right and exercise.

That’s my soapbox for today.  More to come (that’s what a blog is, right?).

Today’s stats:
Waking blood sugars: 6.6
Weight: 202.6

No heel strikes allowed

First….a weather update;  it’s a balmy -2C today.  How many geographies “enjoy” temperature swings of 36 degrees in one week!  Today, the streets are a mess with melting ice and snow…. A week ago, it was -38.5C and the streets were perfectly clean, but i didn’t want to run outside due to the cold.  Today I’ll run on the treadmill because it’s too messy out doors.

3 weeks ago, I had never run landing on my fore foot.  In order to reduce injury and improve my running technique, I decided to try landing on my fore foot….just like all the running coaches are suggesting.  For the first while, I didn’t know if I would ever get used to this new style (new for me….natural for “real” runners).  Today, while I still need to perfect my technique, I  find the technique natural and comfortable.  I can also see how  proper technique will greatly reduce my chance of injury due to running.  Stay tuned.  Now, I’m working on improving my running speed,  I’m thinking that will come naturally as I push the limits during training AND drop some weight down to my normal running weight @ < 180 lbs (I’m projecting April).

Today I scaled in at 200.6 Lbs.  I’m feeling great, sleeping well….but I really miss the pasta and bread.    This morning my blood sugar was up at 5.9.  I’m guessing it was as a result of some quick(bad) snacks late last night.   My waking blood sugar had been very good (4.9-5.4)each morning this week except today.  I’m  hoping it’s an anomaly.