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What to do at -38C

Yesterday morning I awoke to an outside temperature of -38.5C, that’s -37.3F…either way, water does not stay liquid at that measurement.  That puts a cramp in my day including my running plans.  Hello treadmill!

I did my run on my treadmill, in front of the big TV, watching our Winnipeg Jets lose 6-5 to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  All in all, an entertaining game.  And a treadmill run on a cold day is not all bad.  It’s a great tool to work on form/technique, and I didn’t have to bundle up.

So… on to more important things.  Yesterday was a good day as my fasting blood sugar was at 5.4.  Bev was slightly encouraging, but I think she remains skeptical that I will be able to keep it where it should be.

Well… today my fasting blood sugar was at 4.9!

Stats today:
Scaled in at 207.2 lbs
Fasting blood sugars this morning – 4.9
Resting Heart Rate this morning – 39BPM